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About US

Legal Founders advances the procedures and processes of business incorporations, entity amendments, and third-party merchant services. We leverage our unparalleled legal assistance and easy formation requirements to establish businesses and accelerate their financial success with leading merchants. We aim to take the strain of filing the articles of incorporation, amending existing entities, filing EIN, acquiring merchant & payment accounts, and sustaining businesses in the US. Our extended services enable us to offer businesses visibility in the digital sphere with a strong web development strategy. Our service ethos directs us towards a customer-centric approach that is transparent and resourceful. We are here to handle all legal concerns on behalf of your business so you can focus on key operations.

New Entity Services

Our integrated corporation offerings enable new businesses in the US to differentiate between relevant and applicable articles of corporations to make a seamless transition into their industry. Extended services include filing a DBA, registered agent, EIN, and a Business Tax ID number.

Existing Entity Services

Legal Founders conducts amendments for existing entities, provides annual reports and statements, facilitates change management, certifications, & manages business dissolution processes. We aim to help navigate businesses through their legal processes by framing the efficacy of our availability, quality, and costs of services.

Third-Party Merchant Services

Legal Founders leverages new technology with streamlined and insight-driven merchant solutions to offer financial ease to businesses, including retail accounts, e-commerce & convenience store merchants, non-profitable merchants & professional office merchants. We help companies generate safe payments with our financial services & risk management strategies.

Digitalization Services

By synthesizing incorporation and digital and new-age technology allocation, businesses can bridge the gap in their operational benefits. We follow our business incorporation strategy with a solid digital and web development roadmap. We conceptualize and deploy proven digital methodologies for agile business models.


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