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map Accept payments securely at a global scale

Automated technology and ecosystem for corporations to build, manage, and secure merchant payment processes across the globe. We leverage greater customer service and deliver unlimited merchant payment opportunities.

High Risk Merchant

A high-risk business requires priority and attention to detail, and Legal Founders aims to serve that. We help facilitate merchant and payments to support businesses regardless of the reasons of their high-risk, offering merchant solutions that take care of all your critical transactional needs.

Low Risk Merchant

Businesses categorized under low-risk need to invest in premium merchant payment solutions to lessen all, if any, risks of ineffective transactions. We look to help businesses flourish with convenience, reliability, and accessibility to cater all merchant processing solutions and investment efficiencies.

Medium Risk

As a business facing frequent chargebacks, you require a safe handling merchant and payment processing service to keep ahead of every move. We ensure ease, security, and safety to businesses by making their transactions and payment handling more accessible and free of hassles.

Chargeback Protection

Chargeback protection automates dispute management and serves as a robust decision engine that reduces the effort and time invested in the increased dispute volume. We stand on our commitment to serve the goals of chargeback protection by effectively resolving processes at the pre-dispute stage.

Retail Merchant Accounts

With an effective POS system or merchant terminal, retail businesses can enhance customer experience and maximize profits easily and safely. We offer a range of options designed to offer end-to-end integration support, card processing, and transaction handling with better store conversion rates.

Merchants for Services

We take care of all aspects of business transactions with our merchant services including e-commerce merchants, restaurant merchants, convenience store merchants, non-profitable merchants, & professional office merchants. We ensure each multifarious business need is fulfilled and taken care of for maximum returns.

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